Signs You Need a New Roommate

Living with another person isn’t always easy no matter how much you and your roommate get along. Here are some clues that you might need a new roommate:

There is a different random Tinderman in your apartment every night.

Your roommate has been very lonely lately, so instead of dating like a normal person, they decide to hook up with everyone on Tinder. Tinder is fun but things aren’t fun anymore when these strangers are in your personal space every night and things in you apartment start to go missing.

You are the only one getting groceries.

Always buy groceries together, this way there is no argument over who got what. If your roommate isn’t pulling their own weight consider buying a mini-fridge for your room. If that still doesn’t keep them away from your stuff, you should find a new roommate.

Passive aggressive post-its

If you are finding post-it’s on your door, fridge, and other household items, this means that you guys don’t feel comfortable talking about things which probably means you shouldn’t have been roommates in the first place.

You realize that you have an extra roommate who isn’t paying rent.

I’m not talking about your roommates’ significant other sleeping over every night; I’m talking about you roommates’ moocher friend who knows where everything you guys buy is located. The couch isn’t a bed and the spare key is off limits. If your roommate doesn’t address the situation, it is time for you to step in.

Your sleep schedules are opposite

Its 10 pm and you are getting ready to go out. You are in a good mood until your roommate bangs on the wall. It is not your fault your roommate is a 60 year old hermit that goes to bed at eight and it is certainly not your fault for wanting to go out on a Friday night. You shouldn’t feel like you have to tip-toe around each other.

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