Twenty One Students are Suing the President Over Climate Change

Normally, when adults discuss suing one another, it typically has to deal with civil disagreements concerning local issues. However, there is a group of nearly two dozen children who are currently in the court process of suing President Obama and various federal agencies for their assertion that the country has failed to protect their futures from climate change. The rise of this case is rather interesting due to the fact that Obama administration has placed an emphasis on climate change.

However, for these students ranging in age from nine to nineteen years old, the case against the president is clear. There are twenty one plaintiffs. These are students claiming that their rights to life, liberty, and property are being infringed upon by the stronger storms and heavy weather incidents occurring across the country in recent years, resulting from global warming.

This article is not meant to discuss the details of the students coming together to sue the commander-in-chief of the United States. This article is intended to highlight the disarray that has occurred within the hearts and minds of young people which has caused such an uprising to occur. Many media outlets look to the students as heroes and leaders of the future. However, other outlets suggest that these children are misinformed and highly impressionable teenagers looking to gain media attention.

Interestingly enough, CNN was one of the first major news outlets to individually describe the stories of these children and teenagers. One of the first stories they covered was about a young girl named Jayden Foytlin, a thirteen year old from Rayne, Louisiana. Foytlin was prompted to be a part of the case against Obama after the morning of August 13th of this year when she woke up to find water on the floor of her bedroom due to a flood. This was the flood that ended up killing thirteen people and covered thousands of homes and businesses in Louisiana.

These students are essentially doing the impossible by attempting to change the way our most powerful leaders change the world. It is important to note that the act of suing for these children is not merely a way to address their own survival stories. These students also represent a new generation of Americans that place a real importance on climate change.

The year of 2016 marks a very critical time in US history. The outlook so far has had its ups and downs. However, the attempt they have pursued is one of truly remarkable proportions. As this case continues, it will be interesting to see how the Obama administration will address these students and their concerns. It is clear that their case is strong enough to have made it thus far in the court process.

While many suspect that this case will end with a personal promise from the President, the issue of climate change will still remain. It will now be up to the next President of the United States to address the issue, which in a way would prove that the hard work of these twenty one students had been impactful.

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