SVCRED: Streetwear that transcends the material

Meet Thomas Clayton, founder and designer of SVCRED: a clothing line designed with all genders in mind. Inspired by art, photography and the true heart of EDM.

“I like the idea of people as billboards for what they believe in.“
Like many companies, SVCRED started as just an idea. Bright colors and a love for EDM is where it all began for Thomas. He began to imagine how neon colors could be used in a refined way while still expressing the true spirit of the music it’s inspired by.

Thomas was able to incorporate fine art and photography into his new endeavor. Soon, it morphed into a powerful message of destigmatization, while also taking a jab at gender stereotypes.

“Everybody has faith in something. It’s not a question of do you worship, but rather what you worship. The idea is that SVCRED wants you to worship something. We’d like you to worship the culture. People used to call it going to church when you went to house parties and the house was a sacred place,”Thomas points out.

He continues, “We want you to buy our clothes, but we also want you to be in the moment and embrace the spiritual experience you get at a festival.” That’s how they came up with this badass tagline:
When designing the brand, there was a desire to create a deeper aesthetic for those who are really into EDM, the lifestyle, and possess a true passion for the music genre (Sorry, not sorry, mainstream kids). EDM, house and techno have always been renegade music genres. Raging in illegal warehouse parties was the scene back then. Broken locks on warehouse doors showed members of this underground society that they were welcome. These people faced adversity. So here comes the coolest part of SVCRED, each shirt design directly pays homage to or takes a stand for members of these music societies who face adversity.

The 808 shirt aligns with the fact that these genres blended and formed out of the aforementioned scene.

The 8 bit shirt is an homage to gamers, who are often stigmatized as being nerds.  The Mental instability shirt has one of the deeper meanings. Its message is to destigmatize mental illness. Thomas puts it this way, “it’s out there and it’s okay to be mentally unstable, and it’s okay to have a lot of ups and downs and have anxiety and have bipolar disorder and whatever else you may have. You don’t need to be ashamed of that. In fact, we can draw on our demons.”

This company is firmly trying to break down gender perception and social constructs. All the designs are totally androgynous. The focus, for females, shifts from objectification to expression. “Streetwear has been male dominated. I want a company that has the same swagger as a streetwear company, but with a more positive vibe,” says founder Thomas Clayton.

And the company’s mission statement clearly expresses this:
SVCRED is a unisex streetwear brand inspired by the electronic music community. Championing andro, goth, punk and renegade style, we embrace the gritty, the raw and the authentic. We have a threefold purpose:
Create a more sophisticated voice within the electronic music community, one that speaks to the heritage of dance music and insists on honoring our roots and founders. For us, dance music is the gasoline to our engine, imbuing our lives with meaning and purpose.

Advocate for gender fluidity and androgyny. It is time that the playing field be leveled in the electronic music and streetwear industries. We will showcase people (however they identify) for their talent and personality, rather than their physicality.

Provide a platform for alternative self-expression and a space for people to embrace their quirks, eccentricities, and self-perceived flaws.

Here’s how you can follow the brand:

Wondering how to get your hands on pieces from this awesome line? Follow this link to preorder your streetwear. The kickstarter offers exclusive benefits such as early access, reduced pricing, and the chance to get custom items that may never be available again. Items to be received within 30 days of purchase.