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Why I Love The City of a Hundred Spires

Solo traveling teaches you a lot about yourself, and you also tend to find interesting people when you’re on your own. The first city I ever soloed in was Prague: The City of a Hundred […]

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The Chai Lai Orchid Offers Humane Elephant Adventures

Visiting Thailand? Want to play with elephants at a place where your dollars can make a real difference? Check out The Chai Lai Orchid. It’s an eco lodge working for Thai elephants’ well-being. Inkredibly visited, […]

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Life as a Twenty-First Century Nomad

While at a music festival in Seoul, South Korea earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Amber Wilson, a fellow American expatriate teaching English in East Asia. At the time, she was teaching […]

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Chasing Peak Experiences

You want to feel intensely; connect deeply; leave this life utterly spent. You want a movie-worthy life, a sweeping, grand narrative that destroys everything in its path. Experience is your drug and the addiction has […]