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Why I Hate Kanye West (And You Should, Too!)

Everyone has different opinions on rapper Kanye West, which is totally warranted. Many people enjoy his music, many people think he’s funny, many people think he’s a good fashion designer. However, what he has going […]

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Growing Up a Millennial in The New Millennium, Part 2.

This is part two of living as a millennial in the new millennium. This article is dedicated to the people who grew up in the new millennium, the era where baggy pants were gone and […]

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Growing Up a Millennial in the New Millennium: Part 1

Millennials, a generation of people born from 1981 till now. The word we’ve heard countless times is slightly misleading due to the fact that millennials born in the early 80’s had already entered adulthood by […]

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Minecraft Story Mode

For those who have been in a closet closed from entertainment, or are Amish, you know that Minecraft is the popular world building game that capitalized on creativity, freedom, and exploration. It has invaded millions […]

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Planet of the Apes: A Comically Liberal Experience

If Bernie Sanders hadn’t elected to run for president I might call Tim Burton’s 2001 film, Planet of the Apes, the ultimate liberal wet dream. From the blatant commentary on the ignorance of racism and […]

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The Politics of Eurovision

Saturday, the 24th. May 2015. A magical night that provided all Europeans with a supernatural power— the ability to be both the harshest and fairest music critics ever. There were some key differences in the […]