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Why the Media Is Scared In the Current Political Climate

All right, enough with the silence. Let’s talk about the current emotional meltdown plaguing networks like CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Politico, and so many more. First, let’s step away from the current political […]

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My Domestic Abuse Story: Why I Stayed

— Trigger warnings: physical violence, rape, mental illness, abuse — I used to judge people in abusive relationships.  I would think to myself, “They’re stupid. Why don’t they just leave? If a man ever put […]

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Trump Won The Election and Here Is Why People Are Terrified

Coping with a Nightmare I woke up today hoping last night had been nothing more than some horrific fever dream, perhaps brought on by pesticide-tainted lime juice in the ten or so margaritas I consumed […]

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How Do We Categorize “Terrorists”?

A tragedy occurs. Lives are lost. The media and government rush to investigate and understand what they can. Analysis occurs. Government officials either deem it an act of terror, an act of hate, or an […]

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Don’t Fear Failure

Atychiphobia, otherwise known as a fear of failure, is all too common in today’s world. For some, this fear is a diagnosable phobia according to the standards of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual– V. However, the […]

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The Disturbing Truth about Islam!

“If there are so many peaceful Muslim people, then why don’t they speak out?!” You hear this a lot in today’s dialogue about radical Islam, and the sentiment popped up in a big way after […]

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Knowing When to Give Up

Reality is brutal. Hardships are necessary for growth. Still, that doesn’t mean you should throw yourself into agonizing situations and keep yourself there in hopes that it’ll get better. It’s a Sisyphean feat. Other than […]