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Gambling with Happiness: What I’ve Learned From My Past Relationships

Have you ever allowed someone to gamble with your happiness? Whether it is a boss who makes your life difficult, a friendship that consumes too much of your energy or a relationship in which you […]

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It’s Not Modern Dating’s Fault, It’s Ours

First of all, can everyone just not with the articles about modern dating being a shit-show? Although oftentimes true, I get it, it’s not the way it once was, just like lots of things aren’t […]

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Technology and the Instant Gratification of Love

Recently, I’ve read countless articles about technology and social media’s influence on our interpersonal relationships and their ability to prevent us from connecting to one another, creating more distance and alienation than ever before. We […]

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Navigating Our Relationships

Our generation is always pegged as a hook up culture. An unsurprising label for an age group that is the first to be openly unapologetic about the people and endeavours that we pursue behind closed […]