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American Isn’t A Skin Color: Why You’re More Than Your Ethnicity

There was a quote floating around Facebook a few days ago from Toni Morrison, one of the greatest writers America has produced. The quote went something like: “Only White people are American, everyone else is […]

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Chicago PD Declines Invite to ESPN’S Town Hall On Race And Violence

The Chicago Police Department declined to participate in a televised discourse, presented by ESPN’S First Take, concerning race, law enforcement, gun violence and other social issues. The program, entitled “An Undefeated Conversation: Athletes, Responsibility, and […]

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Colorblindness: A Racist Ideology

To say the racial tension in the past year was anything but ever present in American society would be an understatement. So it should come to no surprise that people have tried to find solutions […]

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The Elephant in the Room: Acknowledging Diversity and White Privilege

I was once given some advice and it went something like this, “Never discuss politics or religion and you’ll have friends for life.” What this loosely translates to me is, “never discuss topics that people […]