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The Media and Self-Discredit: Coffee, Anyone?

On this platform, articles have been written regarding the realities that our media faces. Nearly a year since those were written, it is time for a little assessment of the aftermath. A commentary on what […]

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Bringing Mental Health Into the Social Media Light

Now trending… There is a proliferation of mental health discussion across social media platforms, and it’s about time. I always wanted a chartreuse cast for my friends to sign in elementary school.  I wish I […]

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General Election 2016: Candidate Health Watch?

As we swing into another realm of the 2016 general election season, this past weekend was devoted to analyzing and justifying each of the candidate’s health concerns and overall health claims. There was a time […]

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Chicago PD Declines Invite to ESPN’S Town Hall On Race And Violence

The Chicago Police Department declined to participate in a televised discourse, presented by ESPN’S First Take, concerning race, law enforcement, gun violence and other social issues. The program, entitled “An Undefeated Conversation: Athletes, Responsibility, and […]

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Social Media You V. The Real You

Scrolling through the comments on my Instagram, I smile at the irony behind all the Can I be you’s and the Teach me your ways’s and even the one worded jealous’s. Those loyal followers wouldn’t […]

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Release Social Media’s Hold

Social media is rooted deeper in our collective psyches than we realize. The personal has become the public and the boundaries of sharing just keep on growing. Social media was intended to strengthen our relationships, […]