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What We Learned from Facebook This April

It feels like it was yesterday that we watched Mark Zuckerberg’s overly earnest eyes stare into the dozens of cameras as he was giving testimony in light of revelations that Cambridge Analytica used Facebook data […]

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The Realities That Come With Achieving Sustainability

Recently, I sat in on an excellent lecture on sustainability by Dr. Kathleen Smythe of Xavier University. In the discussion on sustainability, Dr. Smythe was very specific in culminating decades of her experiences, and the […]

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WikiLeaks and The Uncensored Fight Against Our Government

This week WikiLeaks published over 1,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server which pertain to the Iraq War. The whistleblowing site released these emails in the midst of the FBI wrapping up their investigation of the […]

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In Defense of Texting Abbreviations

When I text something along the lines of “C U soon,” or perhaps the classic “ILY,” I’m abbreviating. I’m busy. I’m at the gym. I’m working. I’m in class. I have a busy schedule, and […]

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Minecraft Story Mode

For those who have been in a closet closed from entertainment, or are Amish, you know that Minecraft is the popular world building game that capitalized on creativity, freedom, and exploration. It has invaded millions […]