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Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and a Pyongyang Showdown

As my mind was coming to grips with Mr. Trump seizing the White House, my thoughts instantly went to the multiple scenarios that could play out on the Korean Peninsula and surrounding areas. His speeches […]

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Conservative Terrorism

To anyone observing reality with regular eyes, there is a distinct difference between the ways in which the threat of violence is combatted by law enforcement and communicated by news media, the control variables being: […]

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The Awful Lesson The San Bernardino Shooting Taught Us About America

December 2nd, 2015 saw the worst mass shooting in the United States since the Newtown Massacre. Luckily, our collective social media was there to give us real-time updates and unbiased breakdown. Liberals were quick to […]

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The Disturbing Truth about Islam!

“If there are so many peaceful Muslim people, then why don’t they speak out?!” You hear this a lot in today’s dialogue about radical Islam, and the sentiment popped up in a big way after […]