The Importance of Fear

Everyone remembers that feeling: heart racing, palms sweating, and adrenaline rushing through you, or in other words, fear. Being scared is a part of life and one of the main sources that helps us make most of our decisions. Though we try to replace the fear and just be brave, but you can’t be brave without having fear. The fear pushes you to go outside your limits, to experiment with something new, or to show you a new side of yourself. When something is mundane or an everyday occurrence there’s nothing to motivate us, because we have no inner feelings telling us that it could be risky.

The risk is what’s so appealing, and the risk factor comes from being scared and feeling somewhat on edge. You need motivation to do new things and that motivation comes from the idea that what you are about to do might not work and may even come crashing down and potentially disappoint you. But there’s also the chance that it might be something amazing. The chance that it might be amazing is good enough to do whatever it is that you’re afraid of. But, if it does come crashing down, that’s okay too, because what is life without mistakes and risks? Life would be incredibly boring without fear creeping up on you every so often.

The older you get the more silly it seems to be scared; being scared was something you were supposed to grow out of when you started to mature, but it never left. If you remember, when you were a kid and were terrified of the first day of school or going on a ride that seemed too big for you, you still did it. When you finished you felt so accomplished and proud and like you could do anything. That same fear took you there and now as you’ve grown you need that fear more than anything. It was that fear of failing that made you want to prove yourself.

The importance of dealing with fear is to not let it control you or prevent you from doing something, but to use it as a tool. Use fear as tool to push you to do the thing that you think fear is keeping you from. Fear doesn’t keep you from anything, it only makes you realize that something you are about to do is new. It’s up to you to decide form there how you want to handle it. Once you realize that fear is a part of being human and a part of your motivation you can stop yourself from saying, “Don’t be scared, “ and say, “I’m scared, but I’m still going to do it.”

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