The Greatest Threat to Liberalism in America (Is a Liberal)


Did you catch the last Democratic debate on NBC? You know, the one that was scheduled on a holiday weekend when people were busy spending time with family and friends or what not? Or the pitiful “Town Hall” forum in which the candidates just ranted without challenging each other? I hope so, because they were some of the last chances to hear the Democratic candidates in an embarrassingly short schedule of Democratic Primary Debates.

There are just 2 more of these debates officially scheduled in 2016 (we’re not counting the unsanctioned, and as of yet unscheduled debates Sanders and Clinton have agreed upon) compared to the 5 scheduled for the Republicans. If that doesn’t seem so bad, consider that the Democrats have had only 4 debates so far, and the Republicans have had 6. For those keeping score or with mathematical dysfunction: Democrats: 6, Republicans: 11. At this point in the 2008 Primaries, the Democrats had conducted 20 debates. I’m not the first person to point out how weird this disparity is, especially considering how important this election will be. So what’s going on?

Some might say that we don’t need them, since everyone knows who Hillary Clinton is and what she stands for. No one else has a better shot against the Republicans, anyway!


Alright, so you’d think with the incredible (and disturbing) amount of support nutjobs like Trump and Cruz continue to pull in, coupled with the fact that Clinton is downright despised by most conservative Americans, the Democratic National Committee would want way more people getting to hear what Sanders and O’Malley have to say in case they appeal more across the aisle. Sanders alone polls better against the Republican candidates than Hillary does, so why risk the presidency by limiting the overall exposure of liberals?

Others from the Democratic National Committee have been quick to point out that it’s because there are way more Republican candidates than Democrats, so the Republicans will obviously get more debates. Fine. That’s logical if you’re okay with highlighting conservative talking points and personalities, and I could accept that if it were coming from the mouth of a Republican. But from a Democrat? That’s just plain fucking stupid. Imagine a baseball coach saying, “Well, the opposing team is bigger, so let’s give them more time at bat. We don’t need it.

Basically, the DNC seems to be going all in with a “Hillary or Bust” strategy, and the next 4-8 years of American domestic and foreign policy are the chips on the table. It’s a gamble that they should certainly not have the authority to make.

So what asshole is making that gamble?

This asshole! High-five!

Meet Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the DNC. Also, the once-upon-a-time campaign co-chair for the Hillary Clinton bid for the 2008 Presidency. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, leader of the DNC, once worked her ass off to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. But is totally looking to make things fair for all of the candidates in this election.

It’s really not surprising, then, when Democratic Debates are held on weekends or during sports events or holidays when viewers are way less likely to tune in to watch. How Debbie can get away with this kind of media restriction in a time when people are urged to “Get Out the Vote” is mind-blowing. But it makes perfect sense: Keep voters uninformed, tell ‘em to get out there and vote, and boom! mainstream candidate victory! Debbie isn’t stupid; she knows exactly what she’s doing here.

But not only is Debbie keeping info from you, she’s also keeping it from the other Democratic candidates themselves. You may recall that data breach scandal that the Sanders campaign faced a while back. Turns out that the Sanders camp pointed the security risk out to the DNC way before the “scandal” occurred. Debbie and the DNC said and did nothing about it. Then, as soon as some fool working for Sanders peeked at that vulnerable info, Debbie Wasserman Schultz burst into flames as the Angel of Retribution, briefly cutting Sanders off from his own voter data as punishment. (Side note: the founder and CEO of NGP VAN, the vendor in charge of protecting that data, used to work for Clinton too. Just some food for thought).

So here we are on the Left bitching and moaning about the obvious fascism of Donald Trump while the supposed head of our largest and most influential political party is actively limiting the information we receive about our candidates, effectively hindering our ability to make sound judgments on which candidate would best represent our interests. That’s fascism 101 right there. As long as the average American answers “Who’s the Liberal running for President?” with “Hillary,” Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a happy camper.

Unfortunately for Debbie and everyone like her, liberals and conservatives are both entirely fed up with establishment politics, and we’re seeing that manifest in the polls. Though I hate to compare them in any way, Sanders and Trump both speak to the “well that’s enough of this bullshit” sentiment an overwhelming amount of Americans feel towards their government, and they’re surging. Politicians like Clinton and Bush, the faces of the old, ineffective regime, are scared shitless and will do anything to keep the status quo. Their careers depend on it.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, like Hillary Clinton, is part of that same antiquated, comfy, establishment. Her loyalty to it is becoming a serious threat to American liberalism and we’re seeing it more and more every day. It was tolerable up to a point, but when internal elements start to hinder the progress of, you know, progressives, it’s time to discard those elements. I’m not the only one extremely annoyed with Wasserman Schultz.

Debbie doesn’t want you to watch the debates. She doesn’t want you to listen to Sanders or O’Malley. Debbie wants you to vote Clinton so things can stay the way they are.

That’s not her choice to make. Don’t let her. Sign petitions, demand more liberal exposure, do your research before you choose any one of the liberal candidates, and tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz to get the fuck out of here. Enough is absolutely enough.