Trump Won The Election and Here Is Why People Are Terrified

Coping with a Nightmare


I woke up today hoping last night had been nothing more than some horrific fever dream, perhaps brought on by pesticide-tainted lime juice in the ten or so margaritas I consumed while watching MSNBC all night. There was no way a waxy TV con like Donald Trump could win the most esteemed position in the world.

“Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Jesus Christ, there was no way America could sink so low, right?


But apparently it could, and it wasn’t a bad lime nightmare. Donald Trump is President Elect of the United States.

Something went very, very wrong. And it only got worse as the morning news continued to report the rest of the national election results.

Trump’s Republicans now control the Presidency, H, House, Senate, and possibly have the opportunity to replace 4 Supreme Court Judges with staunch conservatives. Marriage Equality, Roe v. Wade, and Affirmative Action could all be at risk.

Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kennedy need to start stocking up on Centrum-C for the next four years if the progress we made under Obama has any chance of surviving

Someone needs to find the Fountain of Youth, ASAP
Someone needs to find the Fountain of Youth, ASAP

Then there are the horrifying promises Trump made during the campaign: Mass deportation, banning Muslims from the country, dismantling the EPA, defunding Planned Parenthood, targeting and killing the families of terrorists, eliminating gun-free zones at schools and military bases, a, and on and on and on. With Republican control of Congress and the highly vocal (and often rabid) voter base keeping their elected officials in line behind the Donald, Trump’s promises could very easily come to fruition.

We haven’t simply fucked up an election year – we’ve quite possibly set the foundation to fuck up an entire generation.

Liberals were quick to cast blame on each other for this sweeping Republican victory, and the fact that this bickering is even happening the day after this nightmarish election is nothing short of disgusting.

This isn’t the time for finger pointing anymore. Whether Bernie or Bust/Jill Stein supporters stupidly allowed Trump’s victory through protest votes or Clinton supporters stupidly put forth an unwinnable candidate is now entirely irrelevant. We were all wrong. Donald Trump is being sworn in on January 20th. No matter who we blame, it won’t change that sobering fact.

But we can learn, and it’s time to look forward, not back. Now, more than ever, American liberals need unity. . Take a look at what this election would have looked like had the vote been up to millennials. The Baby Boomer generation is disappearing, and this was certainly one of their last, desperate gambles to throw the country into reverse, back to a time in which change didn’t frighten them because it barely existed then, a time that they knew and were comfortable with. They succeeded this time. They won’t next time, because next time we will have the organization and solidarity we so desperately lacked in this election. If last night’s results don’t light a fire under our asses to get it together, then nothing will and we deserve to lose.

Shockingly, this was not an effective internal strategy for Liberals.

Take the day, or even the next few days, to grieve for this country. Then it’s time to get to work.

We aren’t alone in this fight. Institutions like the ACLU, Center for American Progress, and the Human Rights Campaign have vowed to fight Trump at every turn should he try to fulfill the degenerate promises he’s made during the campaign. Progressive titans like Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker remain in the Senate, joined by promising newcomers like Tammy Duckworth and Kamala Harris, and will continue to be massive thorns in the collective orange hide of Trump and the Right Wing loons beneath him.

These are the people who will begin to reconstruct the DNC and the Progressive Left into something viable again. They will desperately need our help.

Do not lose hope. Remember that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Remember that the majority of Americans still support support gay marriage, legal abortion, and think we urgently need to address global climate change. When and if the Republicans attempt to set us back on any of those, they will face massive consequences.

Like this, but not from Mom’s basement.

Many Americans are feeling nothing short of fear and anxiety today, and some will continue to feel it for at least the next four years. So much has been threatened, and America may not be the country we hoped it could be anymore. Most Trump supporters truly can’t understand why this has sparked so much terror for so many of their fellow Americans, and we’re seeing a mocking, gloating response from them.

So, on our part, the most important response to this fear can only be one of love, comfort, and reassurance. As a straight, white male, I undoubtedly have the least to lose from Trump’s presidency. I recognize that privilege. But there are Muslim, Transgender, Gay, Hispanic, Black, and Female Americans of all races, among so many more, who face today’s news unsure of their future and the future of their children. They need our love and our support, so take today to reach out and give it to them.

But words alone aren’t enough anymore. It is our duty now to stand with the most vulnerable in our country and resist whatever twisted schemes that may be bubbling up in our new President’s walnut brain.

Throwing up your arms and moving to Canada is not resisting. Letting cynicism overcome whatever hope you had is not resisting.

There are rallies to attend now, donations to make, articles to be written, volunteering to be done, events to organize, grassroots movements to ignite and foster. This is where the revolution we’ve all been talking about truly begins.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party believe this is over. It is far from it.


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