Trump the Dump


You’ve heard of him. You’ve seen at least one video of his misogynistic, racist, and small minded views. You know who this presidential candidate is, and if you’re reading this, you probably don’t like him.
When Donald Trump first announced his run for the presidency everyone thought it was either a joke, or that no one would pay attention to him and he’d disappear from the picture. However, this “joke” is turning into a terrifying possibility as the polls continue showing his success with the people. The man whose every business venture has failed wants to take another business venture and put our whole country at stake in the process.
The heaviest areas of criticism have been his racist views on Mexicans, Hitler-like views on Muslims, and his loving adoration for China. What people haven’t really mentioned, is his stand on abortion. Do you know his stand on abortion? Probably not, because he doesn’t even know his stand on abortion.
In 1999 Donald Trump was featured on NBC News and asked his opinion on abortion. He responded that while he would never choose that option himself, he remains pro-choice because everyone has the right to decide what’s best for their life. Just a short year later, the same question came around, he responded that he would never ban abortion/partial birth abortion. However, we saw a flip two days later when Trump released a statement that he would ban partial birth abortion because he discovered the process and he didn’t approve. This seems almost logical and probably something we could all deal with, if it stayed that way.
But in 2011, while on CBN News, Trump reported he’s pro-life with no exceptions. He reasoned this statement with the story of a close friend who considered an abortion for his wife because he “wasn’t ready.” The couple didn’t abort and the father is now “over the moon in love” with their baby.
On another twist of the rollercoaster, four years later we saw him take a progressive stance once again when he told Bloomberg Politics that he is pro-life as long as the mother will survive and there weren’t any cases of rape or incest. However, when asked again on his stance by MSNBC News, the conversation led to Trump admitting he believed women deserve punishment for having an abortion. When asked what kind he dismissively waved his hand and shrugged, as if to say, “it’s no biggie.” Someone must have said something to him after his interview, because two days later he released another statement claiming that he actually thinks the doctors that administer the abortion should be punished, not the mother.
If he can’t make up his mind on one of the biggest social issues in America today, how will he manage issues surrounding the economy, war, immigration, or equal rights? His indecisive and flippant ways will do him no good in life, politics, and especially not in the oval office.
I’m not sure who thinks he’s fit for the presidency because I’ve yet to meet someone who is; but what I do know is the only way to beat this man is in the voting box. People have tried beating up Trump supporters and even Trump himself, but the reality is he’s going to keep pushing on. You have just as much power as the next guy. Beat him in the booth, not the tooth.