Struggles Every Woman Shouldn’t Have to Deal With

Enough is enough.

Let us break away from the presidential race madness. Let us break away from all the chitchat about feminism and let’s talk about what it means to be a W-O-M-A-N in the United States of America.

This article comes from the perspective of me, a female college student. You might think, “She doesn’t know what it means to face the hardships of being women.” To all you naysayers, I say think again.

We, as women, all start our lives in blissful ignorance of the disgusting emphasis men place on our objectification. We live day by day owning our pride and standing by our opinions strong and steady.

We are raised with the notion that we live in a country that respects women in a way that no other place on Earth can. And then… we enter the workplace, the classroom, and the fight for an independent voice and suddenly the shutters come slamming down upon us and the realities we see flashing TV screens across the country become a reality.

This article is not here to claim that a woman’s chance for opportunity is impossible here in the US. This article is trying to shed light on the fact that the higher up we go in any realm of social learning and power, the worse the understanding of respect towards women becomes.

Ask any female (insert profession here) how she got to where she is today and she will probably list all the slobs and disgusting misogynistic men that she had to get through to accomplish her dreams. Then there are also women who will tell you about all the disgusting men they have had to accept working with at the risk of losing all the hard work they have done.

We tell ourselves to be strong and yet when push comes to shove, we might lose all we know in our careers because we are hesitant to push “the button” against male oppression. That’s the thing about power: when we know it can impact us in more ways than one, we readily doubt ourselves and the judgment we know is innately right.

Then, there are the women who can proudly say they pushed “the button” and dispersed the misogynists and “stuck it to the man” like no other. These women know they stand within the few and the strong when it comes to power, but they also know that there will always be a risk associated with the reputation they might have amongst men.

I have to end, of course, with a question and an address of how it would feel for men if the tables were turned. Would it be possible to live in the female-dominated world so different from our own when we know how much change would be required in our understanding of relationships for such change to occur

It seems that no matter which way women go against the disgusting abuse they face, they will always be in some form of wrong.