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Interested in writing for Inkredibly?

If not, then go home, you are very bad at navigating websites.

But if you are, know that we are looking for writers who are creative and adventurous. We aim to leave our readers with an enriched worldview. The idea here is to create a collection of fierce, opinionated articles. We’re not interested in advancing a particular viewpoint. All we want is a loud, clear voice. We welcome bold, irregular, experimental, and unapologetic writing.

We want to be the harbinger of the new world that is unfolding around us; to give voice the unheard. We strive to create content that is intelligent, incisive, and ultimately entertaining. We hope to enlighten, provoke, and leave readers with an emboldened worldview. We welcome writing about everything that’s important. From the big stuff to the little stuff.

With us, you get to publish the articles you would want to read. Our readers are young, and there’s a freedom there. When you write here you’re allowed to act like the audience is your friend. Your grandmother is not the target so you don’t have to bother to explain what Tinder is. This gives you the opportunity to explore subjects and ideas that many institutions would have you avoid.

We don’t try to compete with print newspapers and magazines. We don’t have the means. So instead of buying actors expensive lunches, we open the floodgates to all sorts of unique articles and perspectives that that traditional media would be afraid to publish. We’re all here with nothing to lose.

If you think you’d like to contribute, send a resume, a pitch, and a writing sample here.

If you don’t want to contribute, call your Mom. She misses you. She’s worried sick.

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